Godly Goal Setting Begins With a Promise

Godly Goal Setting Starts with a Promise. By Rick Warren

“The LORD, the God of heaven, brought me from the home of my father and the land of my relatives. And he promised me, ‘I will give this land to your descendants.’” (Genesis 24:7a NCV)

The Bible has more than 7,000 promises from God to you — promises of success, confidence, health, prosperity, strength, wisdom, and more. Why does God make these promises?

Because he wants you to learn to trust him.

When you set a goal, don’t focus on the problems; focus on the promises. Find a promise in God’s Word that will take you to your goal.

This is what Abraham does when Eliezer, his servant, starts to worry about accomplishing the goal he is given. In today’s verse, Abraham tells Eliezer about the promise he received from God: “The LORD will send his angel before you to help you get a wife for my son there” (Genesis 24:7b NCV).

You don’t need an angel, because dozens of time in Scripture God has said, “I’ll be with you no matter where you go.” God is always with you, whether you feel it or not. You just need to plug into the power.

The size of your God determines the size of your goal. And, godly goal setting always starts with a promise of God. Don’t look at your limitations; look at the promises of God.

Talk It Over

What promise do you find in God’s Word today?
How does that promise inspire you to set a God-sized goal?
Why should the promise that God is always with you change the kind of goal you set?


Lord Jesus thank you for today. This is the day You have set before us. May we live today focus on what You desire as we remember the big picture of the plans and goals You have for us. Help us to remember that we live one day at a time and one moment at a time so we can guard our serenity and peace as your greatest treasure and gift to us.

May we rest today in Your promises as we strive toward the goals you have for us this side of heaven. As we run the race, help us remember that You care about the process because the destination of Heaven is secure. Were learning our faith and personal transformation mattered to you as we journey with you and community learning to trust and depend upon You, growing into emotionally and spiritually healthy people.

In Jesus name,


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