Making a theater production of our faith is hypocrisy!!

Let’s get honest! Why do we do what we do? What motivates the things we value, our time, and our priorities? Peel back the layers and inventory your motives. Something can appear sincere and done for all the right reasons, but God is graciously revealing our human tendencies toward; people pleasing, self rightousness, the need to be needed and feel special, our drive for success, insecurity and fear of what others think, the need for control and power, etc, underneath our well intended gestures and priorities in this life. He doesn’t do this to condemn us. He reveals these lesser god’s because we are easily deceived and seduced by their ability to feel good, to be like God, and to live our lives apart from God. We are vulnerable to hypocrisy at many levels but God is raising us up to be men and women of Faith so that lost people can see sincere believers whose lives were, and continue to be, transformed by Him.

Guard your heart today from hyposcrisy and allow yourself to be authentic before God who sees your heart struggles and motives, and loves you anyway. Surrender to the changes He is making so others will trust the real work of grace Christ is doing in your heart and want to turn toward Him.

Read on as Max Lucado speaks directly about hypocrisy.

Max Lucado.
Hypocrisy turns people against God, so he has a no-tolerance policy. Let’s take hypocrisy as seriously as God does. For starters, expect no credit for good deeds. None! If no one notices, you aren’t disappointed. If someone does, you give the credit to God. If no one knew of the good you do, would you still do it? If not, you’re doing it to be seen by people.

Give financial gifts in secret. We like to be seen earning money. And we like to be seen giving it. Matthew 6:3 says, “So when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.”

Don’t fake spirituality. Nothing nauseates more than a fake, “Praise the Lord,” or a shallow “Hallelujah” or an insincere “Glory be to God.”

Bottom line: Don’t make a theater production out of your faith!

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