Friendship and Healing Community

What does it mean to be a true friend in Christ?
To be safe community for others?
Being a friend in Christ is to think about ourselves as a spiritual companion for another.
Not from a posture of authority or unworthiness, but from the freedom grace gives to come alongside another.
Always to listen, encourage and pray, but also to look for moments to reshape the lens of problem and pain, into possibility and hope.
Companion in Latin is cum panis which means;
“with bread.”
How can we be the bread of life to those around us? To be part of the manna that pours into others and feeds the soul.
To create a comfortable space where there is the safety to freely share with honesty the thoughts and issues in our hearts and minds. Helping others not be afraid to lean into the darkness that they’re feeling whether it has to do with ones own failures, or feelings of abandonment by God or others. Friendship in Christ was meant to create a safe place to embrace our experiences without people trying to fix us because their uncomfortable with our transparency and its triggering the need to rescue.
When we meet others in the rawness of their pain, and let the Holy Spirit work, we partner together with God to see what He wants to be for all involved in the situation.
As we grow to a place of greater hunger and dependency upon Him, we learn to love others better, and were changed in the process.
This is how safe community grows.

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