Do You Believe God Delights in You?

Our Growth in Christ is very much affected by our understanding and acceptance that God delights in each of His children. Let me say it again, He delights in you and me!

Jesus work on the cross brought a perfect marriage of grace and truth making a way for us to accept and embrace; we are dearly loved by God our Father.

Now our faith can begin to grow from the right starting place. This right starting place is simply; faith in Jesus Christ, not our works or performance, brings salvation and justification. As we accept this gift of grace freely given, our hearts and minds can begin to understand His great love for us; opening up a way for us to  see Him delighting in us, and singing over us, as blameless and rightous children in His sight, regardless of our struggle with sinful habits.

Prayer: Lord Jesus help us to run freely toward you today as dearly loved children, trusting our loving Father’s great delight in us. Help us to trust you with our old sin habits as we surrender them to you and embrace your power to overcome. Thank you for your gift of grace. May we spend forever living out of the gratitude and rest this freedom brings.

In Jesus Name,


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