God’s role is not a job. It’s a relationship!

Max Lucado, great teacher and wordsmith, reminds us that God’s role is not a job, it’s a relationship. In other words, when it comes to His children, our relationship with Him as a loving Father trumps everything else. It’s the sole purpose we are here; to know God through His Son Jesus Christ, and to grow in relationship with Him. Take time to spend with God your Father today and let your heart feel the happiness and peace it brings.

God’s role is not a job. It’s a relationship
Devotionals Daily by Max Lucado, from Dad Time

Whoever fears the Lord has a secure fortress, and for their children it will be a refuge. — Proverbs 14:26

No one can teach your child like you can. No nanny, Bible school teacher, aunt, or uncle has your authority. What a phenomenal privilege is yours. — Max

God Is Your Child ’s Father Too

God Himself is a father. What parental emotion has He not felt? Are you separated from your child? So was God. Is someone mistreating your child? They mocked and bullied His. Is someone taking advantage of your child? The Son of God was set up by false testimony and betrayed by a greedy follower. Are you forced to watch while your child suffers? God watched His Son on the cross.

In addition, we are God’s children, suffering in a world of sin that wreaks havoc on our bodies, twists our minds, and severs our relationships. Does God shrug His shoulders and say, “Oh well, that’s life”? Of course not. Why would He go to all the trouble of introducing Himself to the world with the title of Father? Curator, Manager, and Overseer are colder titles of indifference.

God’s role is not a job. It’s a relationship.

So God chose a relationship title you can identify with. Now you understand His heart when His children are in pain.

So whatever emotions you feel about your child, God feels about your child. Maybe more. I know that’s hard to believe, but God has known your child longer than you have. He hurt for your child before he was born. You’re not alone. Your Father weeps right by your side.

God is your child’s Father too. Just as you’ll do everything to help your child during his pain, so will God. —Max on Life

When I think about someone wiping away my tears, I think about Dad. His hands were callused and tough, his fingers short and stubby. And when my father wiped away a tear, he seemed to wipe it away forever. There was something in his touch that took away more than the drop of hurt from my cheek. It also took away my fear. —The Applause of Heaven

Excerpted with permission from Dad Time: Savoring the God-Given Moments of Fatherhood by Max Lucado, copyright Thomas Nelson.

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Your Turn

Happy Fathers Day from all of us at Devotionals Daily! Isn’t it amazing that God the Father gives us perspective into His own heart by allowing many of us to parent kids, too? Or maybe He’s brought kids into your life that you foster, lead in Bible study, or coach, or mentor, or advocate for. How we feel loving towards, protective of, and at time heartbroken for those children is a gift from the Lord to show us how He feels about us. Join the conversation on our blog! Come share with us how God has opened your eyes to how He cares about you through parenting, grandparenting, coaching, or leading! ~ Devotionals Daily


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