Running on Empty? Stop and refill!

More recently I’m beginning to understand that, in my life with God, the word discipline means the endeavor to create space in my life in which God can act. Discipline means being intentional about preventing everything in my life from being filled up. The diligent watchfulness guards my soul from intrusions that crowd out God. Marking off space for God to be at work is a challenge because God likes doing things with me and I hadn’t counted on. He likes to decide the agenda rather then going along with my carefully scripted list of activities. If I leave by too little space, the desires God has for me and for our time together simply don’t happen. This is the why of solitude with God.  I simply make room for God to do what only God is able to do. Yet the excuses I make, to myself and to others, for not making this space are endless. Why would I want to cheat myself out of God’s deepest longing for me? Is it because I don’t trust God? It’s because I’m addicted to being in charged? Is it because I’m simply afraid to let go and rest in the silence of God’s presence? If I am ever to enjoy a rhythm  of solitude and silence, I will always need to insert some effort. However, the effort is not to be building outwardly but to Invest inwardly in my heart and soul by creating a space where God and I get to be together. An intentional time to fill up with God and to know His personal desire to spend time with me. (Running on Empty)

Take time today FB Friends to create a space in your day to fill up with Jesus. His presence is the energy, strength, courage and power we need.

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