Disempower your Disappointments

Spiritual Challenge: Disempower  your disappointments. Whatever we focus on, we give power to. Set your minds on things above not on things of the earth. We’ve all had our experiences of hurt, been wounded, betrayed, and let down. As sure as the sun rises and sets, we will have similar experiences in the future. Life is not about avoiding unpleasant circumstances. It’s about making a profit from them. What if every potential damaging situation was really a shortcut to a brilliant experience of Jesus? Instead of being wounded, we seek His heart and focus our attention on growing and becoming more Christlike. Through His blood and sacrifice we don’t have a right to be wounded. We have a right to be healed! Today, I challenge your prespective and opportunity for spiritual growth in Christ.

Paraphrased by AGM from the teachings of Graham Cooke.

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