Open the Eyes of Our Hearts Lord. We want to see You!

Lord, help us today to find You in the midst of the journey wherever we may be. Guide our thoughts and actions as we walk with You through the events before us.
Open our hearts to see what’s being exposed in us, and our need to rationalize, explain, and defend. Move us beyond, to a deeper understanding of our old ways and a greater experience of Your love for us, that ushers in the grace to be transformed. 
We’ve been given a new heart by You, but we’re still living out of the old sin habit. Especially when circumstances squeeze in on us and we see what leaks out in our actions rooted in our old nature. We lie to ourselves, often sugarcoat our reaction and choices with Christianese talk and justification. Thank you that we can be honest about this without condemnation from You and it leads to breakthrough.
Regardless of what is before us, help us to see You in it. Open our hearts and help us be honest about our old sin habits getting in the way of responding from our new identity in Christ. May we choose the grace to die to the old thinking and the choices rooted in the layers of our old adulterous hearts that we often run back to.
Move us beyond self deception and idolatrous living to Your ways of life and freedom.
Your Great love for us is enough to break through the power of our circumstances, and the lies we believe that separate us from experiencing your love and rest.
Open the eyes of our hearts Lord. We want to see You work in a fresh and new way today.

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