About Us

Abounding Grace is a nonprofit venture of Mike and Julie Davis and a supportive Board of Directors.

Abounding Grace is a non-denominational ministry that offers Biblical counseling on a donation basis to the Enid community and Northwest Oklahoma. Our mission is to minister to the needs of hurting people who are struggling with the demands and problems of life. We are dedicated to the restoration of the broken heart through God’s unchanging Word.

Biblical counseling is not psychological in nature. It is rooted in the Biblical principles God has given to transform, by His power, our attitudes and behaviors through Christ. It goes to the root of the issues and provides eternal solutions to temporary problems through faith and relationship in Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge that Jesus Christ alone is the only one who can change the human heart. We are committed to helping people find contentment and hope in Him alone to meet their greatest needs.

Our counseling/discipleship approach will lead people to find comfort in their personal relationship with Christ as it becomes enriched through their struggles, battles and losses. Regardless of whether one’s circumstances change or happiness occurs, learning more about depending on God, believing in His promises and becoming more like His image is at the heart of Biblical counseling/discipleship at Abounding Grace Biblical Counseling Ministries, Inc.

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