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Our Mission

We Minister to the Needs of Hurting People

Helping You Find Hope and Healing Through Faith.

Our Values

Dedicated to the Restoration of the Brokenhearted

Compassion involves embodying the love and mercy of Jesus Christ in one’s interactions with clients. It involves recognizing the inherent value and dignity of each person, and seeking to understand their experiences and struggles through a lens of grace and compassion.

Integrity as an essential component of building trust, as it demonstrates a commitment to authenticity and accountability. Practicing integrity involves being truthful and transparent in all communication, avoiding conflicts of interest, and maintaining strict confidentiality.

Faith is an essential component of hope, as it provides a sense of purpose, meaning, and direction in life. Practicing faith involves encouraging clients to deepen their relationship with God, to rely on God’s wisdom and guidance, and to seek comfort and strength in God’s love and grace.

Growth is an essential component of healthy living, as it involves developing skills, strengths, and resilience that allow individuals to navigate life’s challenges with wisdom and grace. Practicing growth involves encouraging clients to identify areas of their lives that need improvement, setting realistic goals, and developing strategies for personal and spiritual growth.

Community is an essential component of support, as it involves fostering relationships with others who can offer encouragement, accountability, and practical assistance in times of need. Practicing community involves encouraging clients to seek out healthy, supportive relationships with family, friends, and others in their faith community.